Refer a child or young person

“We have referred a large number of families to the school uniform bank over the past year. The form is straightforward to complete with parents and carers. A lot of thought and care is put into the packs.”
– A referring professional

We can only provide uniform for children and young people who attend a City of Edinburgh school. There are a number of uniform banks in other parts of the country; each local group is run independently.

Please note that we do not accept referrals directly from families/individuals; referrals must be made through a suitable professional or community group.

Referrals should only be made for children and young people where new school clothing is likely to improve their wellbeing, attendance, inclusion, hygiene or other similar issues. We reserve the right to decline referrals that we consider to be inappropriate.

We expect referring partners to make efforts to find alternative ways to support the family before making a referral, as detailed in our Guidelines below:

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