Edinburgh School Uniform Bank

Edinburgh School Uniform Bank
Helping children thrive

We believe that every child deserves to look and feel smart at school, to feel that they belong, and to avoid the negative effects of hardship
on their wellbeing and education.

What we do

Uniform for individual children and young people.

We provide bespoke packs of new uniform by referral.

Partnerships with schools and community groups

We support schools and groups to provide uniform to their families


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How you can help

Donate clothes

We need both new and nearly-new uniform and school accessories.

Donate funds

Funds are essential to keep our service running. Every penny can be life-changing for a local child


Whether you can help for a couple of hours now & then or want an ongoing role, we need your help.

Our impact

Many of the parents have broken down and cried with relief receiving the uniform packs as financial hardship is a huge issue.

New clothing from ESUB has made children feel more confident and less self-conscious about attending school. Parents had reported that when their children have been in old or ill-fitting clothes, they have felt uncomfortable to be at school and sometimes reluctant to go at all.

Edinburgh School Uniform Bank is a vital service which makes a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable families.

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Who we are

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Our supporters

We rely on support from all sections of the community


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