ESUB drop-off locations

We are now accepting donations at a small number of drop-off points. We hope to add other locations soon.
If you can’t find the drop-off box at any of the locations, please ask staff at Customer Services, as they sometimes keep the box behind the counter.

Please put your donations in a SEALED bag marked EDINBURGH SCHOOL UNIFORM BANK and remember that we do NOT accept donations of clothing with a school bagde/logo.

BANKHEADKangaroo Storage, 2A Bankhead Drive, Edinburgh EH11 4EJ.

CAMERON TOLLSainsbury’s, 6 Lady Road, EH16 5PB.

COLINTONThe Co-op, Bridge Road, EH13 0LF.

CORSTORPHINETesco, Meadow Place Rd, EH12 7UQ.

GRANTONMorrisons, 3 Waterfront Broadway, EH5 1SA.

HUNTERS TRYSTMorrisons, 30 New Swanston, EH10 7JA.