How you can help

“I had a parent almost in tears after receiving bags for her two daughters. She said they were over the moon with their new school clothes and bags and were full of confidence on their first day back. Mum couldn’t say thank you enough!”

– A referring professional


Please help us make sure that every child has someone buying new school uniform for them this summer. Children are staying away from school because they don’t have uniform – please act now to turn their lives around. 

There are two ways you can Sponsor A Child this year: 

(1) Email us at and we will message you with a child’s age, gender & what’s needed. You then shop for the items & drop them in to one of our collection boxes

(2) Donate money and we will do the shopping for you.  

Last summer, with your support, we kitted out over 800 children and we really don’t want to turn anyone away. 

You can of course just buy an item or two of new school clothing, and we will add it into a pack. Our Amazon wishlist also remains open if you would like to have something sent directly to us. 

Please explore the links below to find out how else you can help.