Requesting school uniform

New uniform for individual children

What are the criteria for applying for a pack of new school uniform?

Professionals can request a pack of new school uniform for any child or young person who attends a City of Edinburgh school. The family is not means-tested and they don’t need to be receiving benefits to qualify. We trust the judgement of the referring professional to request uniform on behalf of families who are genuinely in need. Only one referral per child will be accepted per calendar year, unless there are exceptional circumstances or a change of school. Please contact us first if you wish to request a second bag of uniform.

What is in a pack of new school uniform?

You can request 5 or 6 items (depending on the time of year) from a range that includes basic uniform, PE clothing, stationery, a school bag, a coat (in autumn/winter we will provide a warm coat; in spring/summer we will proved a lightweight jacket) and underwear. We do not supply school shoes. The choice of items is sometimes restricted during the busy summer period.

How does the pack of uniform get to the family?

The professional who referred the child to us collects the bag from our premises at 1 Waterfront Avenue in Granton. In exceptional circumstances, our volunteers can deliver it to the referrer’s place of work. The professional is responsible for giving it to the family in whatever way is most appropriate to their circumstances.

What information do I need to fill in a uniform request form?

You need to tell us the child’s school, year group, gender, initials and DAY of birth. This is for our internal admin. We also need to know their clothing size (and foot size if you are requesting socks or trainers/wellies/gym shoes), and what colour and style of clothing is preferred. You will also need to pass on your full contact details.

We will ask you for the principle reason for referring the child to ESUB for school uniform. We don’t need to know the details, but we ask you to let us know the overall reason such as low income, domestic difficulties or benefit problems.

Can I ask for school uniform for my own family?

No, we do not supply school uniform directly to families. You need to ask a professional who knows your family’s circumstances to get in touch with us. This could be a family support worker, a teacher at school, a welfare adviser, an educational welfare officer, or someone similar. Please ask them to email us at info@edinburghuniform.org

Where can I find out more?

Please read our Guidelines for Referrers here.

Nearly-new uniform for schools and community groups

What do you do with nearly-new school uniform?

We provide bundles of nearly-new uniform to schools and community groups by arrangement. It can then be passed on to children as appropriate, for example a pupil support teacher can give items to children discreetly at school, or a PTA can set up their own swap shop to give all families access to free uniform.

Can schools or groups sell the nearly-new uniform that you provide?

No, we ask that any schools or groups who receive a bundle of uniform pass it on to families at no cost. It might sometimes be appropriate to ask families for an optional donation for making use of a swap shop or similar, but items that we provide should be available to everyone for free.

How can I request a bundle of nearly-new uniform?

Please email us at info@edinburghuniform.org. Bundles are not always available – it depends how many donations we have received.

Donating uniform and other items

Do you take donations of nearly-new uniform as well as new?

We welcome both new and nearly-new uniform. Please make sure that nearly-new clothing is in spotless condition, without any school logos, and freshly laundered.

How do I get my donations to you?

You can leave donations at any of our drop-off points around Edinburgh. Click here for details of locations.

How can I “sponsor” a child?

We run our “sponsor a child” appeal every summer when supporters can provide a full set of uniform for a child. We let you know what items are needed for a child who has been referred to us (clothing size, colours, etc). You shop for what’s needed and drop the things off at one of our collection points. Our volunteers then match the clothes with the right child and give them to the professional who referred the child, who then gives the bag of clothes to the family.

If you would like to “sponsor” a child, please let us know by emailing us at info@edinburghuniform.org.

Can I buy for the same child more than once?

We do not hold detailed information about individual children, so it is not possible to “sponsor” the same child year-on-year.

Donating money

How can I donate money?

Please click here to donate money. Regular monthly donations are particularly welcome as they allow us to plan our work going forward.


What do you need volunteers to do?

We need volunteers to sort and pack uniform at our premises at 1 Waterfront Avenue in Granton, to deliver packs of uniform around Edinburgh, and to help at fundraising and promotional events.

Are there any age limits on volunteering with ESUB?

There is no minimum age for volunteering with ESUB but please note that:

Volunteers aged 16 or 17 must work under adult supervision and their parent or guardian must sign their consent.

Volunteers aged under 16 must be closely supervised at all times by a named adult (usually their parent) who must sign their consent.

Do I have to commit to a regular session?

No, you can sign up to sessions and activities as and when you are available.

Do you have volunteering opportunities for groups?

Yes, we sometimes invite groups of around 6 people to volunteer with us for half-day sessions, usually during the busy summer months.

How do I find out more about volunteering?

Please email us at info@edinburghuniform.org.


Where are you based?

We are based at 1 Waterfront Avenue in Granton, EH5 1SG.

What area do you cover?

We serve the whole of the City of Edinburgh.

Are there any School Uniform Banks in other areas?

There are several similar organisations in other parts of Scotland and the rest of the UK. We each operate independently but we are often in touch with one another to share best practice and to support each other.

Everything else

Isn’t there a grant from the council for school uniform?

Families who meet certain criteria are eligible for a School Clothing Grant from the council. Details can be found here.

We provide uniform for children regardless of whether their family qualifies for the grant or not. Children grow and their circumstances change but they always need the chance to fit in with their peers and be fully included in school life.

How many children are supported by ESUB?

The latest figures for the numbers of packs of new uniform that we have provided each year are:

2016 – 68 packs
2017 – 308 packs
2018 – 644 packs
2019 – 1,009 packs
2020 – 1,278 packs
2021 – 1,509 packs
2022 – 1,983 packs

Numerous other children have benefitted from the nearly-new uniform that we distribute through schools and community groups.

How is ESUB funded?

We receive no government or council funding. We rely on donations from the local community and grants from funding bodies.