About us

ESUB “makes an enormous difference to children and parents
across the whole of the city of Edinburgh”

– Joanna Cherry QC, MP for Edinburgh South West

We’re a small organisation doing big things. ESUB is run by a group of core volunteers and one employee, with the crucial support of a wider volunteer team.

Our charity number (SCIO) is SC047524. Please click here to find our contact details.

Our aims

We aim to promote pride, dignity and self-esteem in children from families experiencing financial hardship in Edinburgh.

By providing good-quality school uniform and other important clothing and equipment, children living in poverty can attend school without stigma.

We hope our uniform packs can help improve children’s attendance, self-esteem and ability to engage with education, rather than worrying about not fitting in with their peers, or being inappropriately dressed for the weather.

We’ve even been told that by supplying school uniform to Edinburgh families in need, we’ve freed up the money they need to put food on the table.

Our board of trustees…

Julia Grindley


Julia has been actively involved with ESUB since April 2017. As a Trustee, Julia is keen to help ESUB serve the local community in an effective, efficient and sustainable way. She has acted as Interim Operations Manager since the arrival of Covid-19.

She has done a variety of things in previous decades including working as a consulting engineer, raising a family, and selling greeting cards and stationery. These days she can often be found walking her crazy dog or volunteering at the foodbank warehouse.

Penny Baillie


Penny has been with ESUB since it started in 2015. As well as her duties as a Trustee, she enjoys making up packs of school uniform. She works in a primary school so understands why it is important to wear the right clothes to school. She also volunteers at the local youth club and community cafe and if she has any spare time she enjoys tea and craft.

Louise Kowalska


Louise is a Civil Servant working for the Scottish Government and has a strong interest in social justice. She has been involved with ESUB since it began in summer 2015.

Margaret Civval


Margaret has worked with vulnerable families and individuals in the public and voluntary sector for the past 30 years. She began volunteering with ESUB in July 2019 having seen a BBC article about the project. Knowing that there was a huge need for the service she was impressed by the ease by which referrals could made. Seeing uniform packs move from a referral form to delivery made her want to continue making up and delivering uniform but also become a Trustee. The concept of the uniform bank is a very simple idea but in reality is very difficult to execute. Margaret takes great pleasure in seeing school kids in Edinburgh looking smart in their uniform or preferred skinny jeans and tube skirts, knowing that children and young people who have used the service blend in seamlessly with their peers.  

David Heneghan


David is happiest with his family and friends, out on his bike or doing a little for those who need a helping hand.

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Registered charity number SC047524 (SCIO)